A Stimulating Fuck with Chad Brock

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Chad Brock needs a little “in-couragement” and Moran Black is gonna give it to him. Paddle in hand, Moran starts slow, just a couple of whacks to heighten the sensation; ouch, mind the balls. With a bit of pain and lots of pleasure, Moran’s dominating ways have Chad poised to “cum-ply.” Turning the sub around, it’s only fair to give the backside attention. Making sure Chad’s counting skills are up to snuff, Moran has him tally the “tactual” account. Bringing a bit more “shock” to the system, Moran takes it up a notch, and then some. Once the E-stim wand hits Chad’s man parts, the dom is “ecstatic” with possibilities. The sub is allowed to “stroke” his wounds; Moran takes a taste of Chad’s hairy hole, and then thrusts in. Within minutes, Chad “drops” his load and is fed his reward. Catching a great pov, Moran continues to use the sub’s hole. Pounding away, Moran pulls out and creams Chad’s crack. After a bit more, clean-up is just a mouth away.

Gay Ass Pound Presents: Brody’s On the Prowl

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Brody found us on the web and likes 3 of the boys on the site. Travis, Tyler and Chase. Now Brody is gay and admits he likes tattoos and piercings and why he thinks Chase is hot and his favorite. He’s hoping to hook up with Chase and gives him a “shout out” at the end of the video.

After getting this hot little cutie out of his clothes, Brody sits back on the futon and we give you AND Chase a peek at that “juicy hole” as Eddie put it. Brody even invited Eddie over to check it out for himself. This boy certainly likes his hole getting all the attention and during the shoot makes sure to give his hole plenty of it!

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BrazilianStudz: Bananas From Brazil 3 – Bernaldo Pires and Carlos de Olivira

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Bernaldo Pires is a serious looking dude who sports a beret. Very beefy and masculine, he’s tucked tightly into a uniform of some sort, but whatever his job is has him bored. So, he calls kimono-clad Carlos de Olivira to spice up the day. The good looking Carlos needs no “hellos” before he’s on his knees in front of big boy Bernaldo. Bernaldo has a cock so thick that it’s really unfair to expect one man to take it on, but boy does Carlos try! He wraps his workaholic mouth around it and holds it there as long as possible as a show of sheer willpower. Bernaldo is a big man with a lot of muscle weight on him, a lot of which is due to cock size! After Carlos has spent enough time on his dick to have earned his mouth a rest, the all-business Bernaldo turns him around to play with his ass. Carlos has an ass worth spending lots of attention on, and Carlos pries the cheeks wide open in preparation for what the hole will need to take his uncut horror. However, Carlos is an obvious pro, and with the help of copious lube, Bernaldo not only gets his cock all the way in, but he’s able to fuck Carlos with speed! Carlos even helps out by gyrating his ass around the dick as nasty Bernaldo slams at him. The director sure found the perfect bottom for this super demanding top. Still with the beret on, beefcake Bernaldo also fucks Carlos missionary, without losing any energy at all, and Carlos keeps up with him bravely. The fuck in this wildly potent scene goes on a very long time until Bernaldo finally pulls out for an enormous shot worthy of his pent-up style. Carlos has a juicy spill as well, proof that in Part 3, the best was saved for last.

BrazilianStudz: Prison Breakers – Carlos Vega and Miguel Torres

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One of my very favorite of Alexander?s tops, Miguel Torres, is caught by a trio of studs out for a walk with his hands all over Carlos Vega. As Manuel Lozano and his buddies look on, Miguel gets Carlos right where he wants him. One of the hottest things about Miguel is that he makes it obvious that he?s not a stranger to cruising public places for sex. The way he looks around and keeps an eye out for someone to walk up on him getting his nut in yet another boy?s ass adds to the excitement of watching. He has a huge dick and is no stranger to using whatever hole he can find to make it feel good. Watching him fuck is incredible not just because you know he ruining Carlos hole but because of how much he clearly enjoys it. As he?s fucking this little red head he takes the time for a few slow strokes. He pulls his prick all the way out of Carlos stretched out hole and let?s us see how loose he?s made him. The other thing that is hot about Miguel?s fuck is that he is willing to take time to switch positions to make sure that he?s enjoyed an ass at the best angle. When he rolls Carlos over and forces that bone back in that hole you know he?s enjoying himself. He doesn?t even pause when he gets caught by another inmate, he just keeps on fucking and asks him to keep an eye out for the guard. Miguel fucks the cum right out of Carlos? balls and then shoots his own load all over the boy?s flat belly. What a way to start a picture!

Single tail, Electricity and Suspension – Live Shoot

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It’s the March Bound Gods Live Show and you, the members, are calling the shots from home as Chad Brock and Brian Bonds submit to Josh West and Van.

The members decide to start things off rough right away so the boys are tied arms back to the metal bars, stripped, and have their hard cocks tied to the floor. Van busts out the single tail and takes it to Chad’s chest and ass, welting him good. Next the boys are suspended from the ceiling with electric butt plugs. Josh messes with the boys as they squirm in mid air then the electricity comes off and Josh and Van fuck their loads out of them. As a grand finale Josh West is suspended high in the air with his feet tied to the boys necks. With Van jacking him off he kicks and twists much to the torment of the subs as he blows his load.

View this Bound Gods video!

Broke Straight Boys ? Ross and Bobby

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Ross and Bobby from Broke Straight Boys

Ross and Bobby are in bed together today and Ross is going to be practicing some anal with Bobby. Although Ross is a little nervous about what he is going to be doing, the lure of easy money is too hard to deny. The boys quickly shucked off their clothes, then, sitting side by side on the bed, Bobby and Ross wanked themselves off. A few minutes of playing with their dicks and Bobby suggested that they jerk each other off. Each boy wrapped a hand around the other’s cock and started putting in some hard wrist action. It didn’t take long for Bobby and Ross to get their cocks standing to attention and as Ross was still a newbie, Bobby offered to go down on him first.

Oh yeah straight boy! Suck on that cock!

Ross, with a huge grin on his face, held his dick straight as Bobby leaned over and slid the cock into his straight boy mouth. Bobby enthusiastically bobbed up and down, going deep every now and again. Choking once or twice, Bobby went right back to work, all the while, Ross panted with pleasure. Unable to help himself, Ross stared down as Bobby showed off his oral skills, Ross obviously liking what he saw.

Spread those cheeks and enjoy the ride.


Broke Straight Boys ? Brandon Beal

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Brandon Beal is the new boy in town and he has decided to ‘explore’ a little by coming into the studio to do a solo jerk off. He is 18 years old, stands at 5′ 10″ while his cock is a good seven inches, however, on a good day, Brandon says it can be seven and a half inches. Brandon still lives with his parents so he doesn’t need money for rent but he does need a reliable car so he can take his girlfriend out.

Surprisingly, Brandon hasn’t had sex with his girlfriend yet, which is driving him to jerk off more than usual, Brandon admitting that he is now tugging on his cock three times in a row… one after the other. To get the ball rolling, I told Brandon to slowly unbutton his grey shirt while telling the Broke Straight Boys viewers of his first jack off experience. Sure enough, Brandon unbuttoned his shirt and took it off in a leisurely fashion, all the while, describing how he first starting jerking off aged twelve while at his Grandfather’s house and that although he had known what jerking off was for a few years, he was surprised to see his cum for the first time.


Broke Straight Boys ? Ross and Kodi

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Kodi and Ross are in the studio today and they are going to be indulging in some man on man lovin’. It was easy to see that the two boys were ready to get going right away so I had them stand up and strip off to their boxers, both boys having a ready smile for the camera. Ross and Kodi sat back down and immediately started playing with their dicks in an effort to get hard. As they pumped their cock shafts, Ross couldn’t help but keep peeking over at what Kodi had down his boxers, all the while, Kodi just concentrated on watching the straight porn.

It wasn’t long before they were both rock hard, Ross taking the initiative and helping Kodi take off his boxers, Kodi quickly returning the favor. Both boys grasped each other’s stiff dicks and started to leisurely stroke the hard flesh. Ross couldn’t take his eyes off Kodi’s cock, likewise, Kodi was captivated by the sight of his hand sliding up and down Ross’s cock shaft.


Steve Sterling – Fucked, Beaten, Zapped and Fucked Again

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Captive Steve Sterling comes to, tied tight in the ropes of Christian Wilde, the master electrician. In the basement fuse box room Christian let’s Steve know he’s got no way out and has his way with him. He decides to fuck Steve right away, his thick cock makes Steve scream through his rope gag. Tied with his arms up Steve gets flogged hard by Christian. Christian makes him suck his cock and then decides it’s time for more. Fully suspended with his ass exposed, Steve receives the violet wand. The arc of the electricity makes him scream and twist in the suspension. Christian then violate his butthole with the violet wand and then his own cock one more time. He covers the boy in his cum and leaves him alone in the basement.

View this Bound Gods video!

Hot skinny lad Carter Blane

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Twenty-year old Carter Blane is in our studio today. The skinny lad originally was living with his girlfriend. However, that set-up didn’t last (dear straight woman: we need to talk about letting the cute ones get away). He’s living on his own now, and needs an additional revenue stream. “Just got bills to pay” Carter says. He takes off his shirt, and it’s clear he’s been tanning. He’s just returned from vacation (lucky guy). When describing what he usually does for fun, Carter sounds like a laid back beach denizen. “Hang out. Party. Go to the beach.” When it comes to jerking off, his set up is pretty routine. Nothing too outlandish. “In bed, with the computer, at night.”

WATCH Blane’s First Video HERE